Creativity Conversations with Matt Goodemote, episode 54. Matt is the founder of Goodemote Physical Therapy, a physical therapy clinic in Saratoga Springs, NY. Goodemote Physical Therapy has been the winner of "Best of Saratoga for Physical Therapy" for the past 3 years in a row. Matt recently founded FysioFit Physical Therapy, an internet-based  physical therapy practice.

Matt has a Diploma from the McKenzie Spine Institute International (one of 350 clinicians in the world with a diploma)and received his Certification in Applied Functional Sciences. Matt is part of a Running Cohort consisting of Physical Therapists and Chiropractors that reviews the latest research and shares the most effective and progressive treatments used with runners of all levels. Matt coined the term “Runner’s Hip” to describe a cluster of symptoms often experienced by runners. The program uses targeted manual therapy and strengthening exercises has helped runners resolve nagging pain and maintain their training.

Matt writes for local newspapers and has been featured in Fitness Magazine, Redbook and Pilates Today for articles on treating back and neck pain. He is also a regular guest on WAMC's Vox Pop, where he takes callers' questions and provides clarification and guidance for their physical therapy related conditions. Matt offers simple solutions for musculoskeletal conditions and dispel myths about interventions that are ineffective or counterproductive.

To find out more about Matt and FysioFit Physical Therapy, visit

-Creativity Conversations explores the nature of our infinite creative potential. You need to know this! You are creative, too, even if you don’t yet consider yourself to be. Creativity is as simple as being open and curious, creating interesting things, solving problems, finding solutions and being in the “flow”. It’s essence is always and everywhere the same. - Nina Lockwood is a transformative coach, author, speaker and artist who helps people discover who they really are, what they really want and how to go for it.

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