Creativity Conversations with Patty Beach, episode 48. This interview is another in the Business for Good series, where I talk with Patty, CEO and Founder of LeadershipSmarts, a consultancy that helps leaders build a better world in a better way. Patty is an inclusive leadership evangelist who combines leadership best practices and coaching to transform managers into the best boss ever and executives into inspirational role models that can scale and grow the company.

Patty is also the author of the bestselling book, The Art of Alignment: A Practical Guide for Inclusive Leadership and the creator of the Versatility Factor Profile, an assessment for gender intelligent and inclusive leadership.  

“The promise of leadership is alignment. As a leader your job is to guide us to row together to amplify each other’s contribution; to engage us in a creative exploration that evokes our common passion; and create a truth-telling culture that helps us achieve our mission. Fulfilling that promise gets the best ideas implemented. There is an art to getting people to align behind a goal and feel on fire to deliver it. Our practice is dedicated to developing that art form and helping you master it.”

Patty’s website is

-Creativity Conversations explores the nature of our infinite creative potential. Why is this useful? We're ALL creative, even if you don't consider yourself to be. Creativity is as simple as being open and curious, creating interesting things, solving problems, finding solutions, and being in "flow." It's essence is always and everywhere the same. Why not start being more creative starting now?

- Nina Lockwood is a coach, author, speaker and artist helping people embody what really matters by rediscovering their true nature and all its gifts. Connect with her at, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

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