"It really is about finding ways to strengthen your resonance with what you know in your heart and giving it life.” Markus Scott-Alexander In this episode (#46) of Creativity Conversations with Markus Scott-Alexander, we explore what it means to give form to the deepest within ourselves. Markus is an international leader in the field of expressive arts education. His focus is on eco-therapy and intermodal, cross-cultural art making, exploring how every individual can be included in the building of an ensemble. Markus was a senior faculty member of the European Graduate School and is currently the Director of World Arts Organization. Originally from New York, Markus now resides in Edmonton, Canada. Markus is the author of Expressive Arts Education and Therapy: Discoveries in a Dance Theatre Lab through Creative Process-Based Research, available through Brill Publishing. To find out more about the World Arts Organization, go to www.worldartsorg.com. To get in touch with Markus, email him at markus7@telus.net.   

-Creativity Conversations is about what happens when we cultivate a sense of openness, curiosity, sensitivity and adventure. In these interviews, we celebrate the variety of expressions of the creative spirit with individuals from diverse backgrounds and professions. Being creative involves finding new ways to have more freedom of expression, solve problems, find new solutions, come up with new ideas and be in flow. We are ALL creative!

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-Nina Lockwood is a transformative coach, author, speaker and artist who helps people find clarity and fulfillment by discovering what really matters to them and why so they can embody this understanding in all areas of their lives. For more information, go to www.ninalockwood.com. #Inspiration #coaching #insight #awareness #love #life #happiness

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