Creativity Conversations with Teddy Foster, episode 57.

You never know what life is going to offer you, and Teddy is a great example of doing what needed to be done and following her instincts and her passions. And now she loves her life.

Teddy Foster is the Director of Universal Preservation Hall in Saratoga Springs, NY. UPH is a world class performing arts center which opened its doors only 10 days before the pandemic hit in 2020. Featuring a 700-seat theatre in the round performance space and excellent acoustics.

Teddy began her association as a volunteer in 2006, quickly becoming a member of the Board of Directors and Chair of the Fundraising Committee. From 2009-2015 Teddy served as President of UPH, focusing on board development and the vision of developing UPS into a downtown cultural center.

In 2015 she forged a management partnership with Proctors Theatre, a former vaudeville house and now host to major Broadway shows and cutting edge events in Schenectady, NY. At that point she became the Capital Campaign Director and raised $10.5 million dollars to complete the restoration of the building.

To find out more about Teddy and UPH, go to

-Creativity Conversations explores the nature of our infinite creative potential. You are creative, too, even if you don’t yet consider yourself to be. Creativity is as simple as being open and curious, creating interesting things, solving problems, finding solutions and being in the “flow”. It’s essence is always and everywhere the same.

- Nina Lockwood is a coach, author, speaker and artist who helps people hungry for major life changes find new direction and purpose and live more fulfilling lives.

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