Creativity Conversations with Kim Moriyama, episode 44.  Kim is a perceptive and insightful coach who guides high achieving and adventurous women to accomplish career and life success with inner alignment. She loves supporting women to lead and live authentically without losing themselves, and by letting go of self-doubt or overwhelm.

Her BRAVE PATH coaching method is personalized so clients develop mastery at letting go of inner limitation so they can honor their souls and harness the courage to blossom in the world.

Kim’s career and life path has been built upon joy, creativity and resilience. She has been a facilitator of leadership, transformation and spiritual growth in many settings. Over the years Kim has served as a Strategic Development Consultant on large scale organizational development projects, she was an Outward Bound Instructor developing leaders on extended wilderness expeditions and she founded a Pilates Studio and trained apprentices to become highly skilled movement teachers with heart.

Kim recently designed and built her own home in Colorado, which now serves as a beautiful Adventure Basecamp and perfect setting to coach her inspired clients.

For further information about Kim and what she offers, visit her at

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