Creativity Conversations with Sarah Sylvester. Sarah is a former corporate executive who left that world  and has since become a full time writer. Sarah spent the majority of her career in male-dominated corporate environments where masochism and bullying were rife. Her drive to be successful resulted in constant self-induced pressure, stress and overwork which resulted in a public breakdown at work.

This forced-stop allowed Sarah to take the time to find her unique voice and learn how to express it through writing. She now sits with her knees up, notebook balancing and pen in hand, bathing in the magic and possibility of a blank page. Her first book, Miracle Angel Baby, is scheduled for publication on Kindle May 1st and she's currently working on a second book. She and her husband Martyn have a podcast called "Yeah, But What's Really Going On?" available on all listening platforms.

Sarah can be reached on Instagram (@sarahshowsup2019), LinkedIn (@sarahsylvester), Medium (@Sarah-47581).

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