Creativity Conversations with Sue Kearney, Episode 43. Sue's a maker. She makes art, websites, healing potions, and beauty products — magic of all kinds. Sue mentors and teaches her unique take on living your best life, making your unique mark, and living in and from joy more and from stress and angst less. One of her mottos is “simplify your life.”

As Sue said recently: “Apparently, I’m all about flow. Fluid art, paintings, collages, ornaments, healing potions, and beauty products. Being in open connection with clients, collaborators, and loved ones." Sue has described herself as a “barely tamed hippie” and a recovering know-it-all. (TBH, Sue’s still convinced that she knows a thing or two and has plenty to teach. It’s just that she’s less committed to making you agree with her opinion.)

As has happened for many, the pandemic year has been one of big change for Sue Kearney. She’s in the process of simplifying and clarifying her work in the world. She just launched her first e-course and has three more coming right behind. Partly legacy work (Sue’s 70 and is honoring her daughter’s request to “Write it all down, mom, all the recipes, everything.”), partly a clear change in direction: more simplicity, more ease, more spaciousness, more availability to being of service.

You can check out Sue's brand-new, just-launched new website at and follow her on Instagram.

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