"You Change because it makes sense to you. It's that simple."

Creativity Conversations with Rolf Evenson, episode 49, another interview in the Good Business Series. My guest this week is a wise soul, Rolf Evenson, who shared a deep understanding of where peace of mind originates. Quietly profound and deeply moving, we talked about life and business and everything in between.

Rolf is a founder of Clearmind Advisors, a global leadership consultancy specializing in helping leaders from around the world lead with clarity, insight, and confidence. Their mission is to transform business best practices by increasing awareness of the human dimension.

Rolf’s curiosity about the human dimension of leadership developed early. Rolf spent fifteen years leading wilderness expeditions, Outward Bound courses, climbing the great walls of Yosemite, paddling the length of Lake Superior, and leading dog sled expeditions. These adventures provided a virtual laboratory for studying the human capacity for both high and low performance under duress.

Rolf has a Masters’s Degree in Architecture. Working with interdisciplinary design teams on complex projects, he developed a profound curiosity about what made some project teams come together brilliantly while others failed. Along the way, he was extremely fortunate to discover fundamental principles for how the human mind works - a crucial, almost always overlooked, variable in organizational change and human performance. 

In 1999, he founded ClearMind Advisors, He is a trusted mentor to leaders from renowned medical institutions, space research labs, telecom and power companies, and global name brands in the US, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

To find out more, go to https://www.clearmindadvisors.com.

-Creativity Conversations explores the nature of our infinite creative potential. Why is this useful? We're ALL creative, even if you don't consider yourself to be. Creativity is as simple as being open and curious, creating interesting things, solving problems, finding solutions, and being in "flow." It's essence is always and everywhere the same.

- Nina Lockwood is a coach, author, speaker and artist helping people embody what really matters as they reconnect with their true nature. Connect with her at https://www.ninalockwood.com




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