Creativity Conversations with Greg Menendez, episode 52. Greg is a facilitator and coach whose passion is to help people, teams and cultures realize their potential. When Greg was just 5 years old, he asked his father (a doctor), “why do we have two brains?” pointing to the ‘squiggly bit’ in the head and the stomach! Since then, he has held a deep fascination for how the brain, and now the mind, works.

This fascination in human behavior led to a career in brand marketing, culminating with Greg being the Marketing Director at Nike New Zealand. There’s an old adage in branding which says “Strong brands are built upon an emotional connection”. So Greg sought to understand how people emotionally connect.

Fast forward and Greg spent over 25 years advising business owners and leaders in brand strategy. Greg observed a curious pattern in performance variability which didn’t appear to be related to intelligence, industry experience or resources. What was causing this variation in human performance? 

Greg was fortunate to come across a new paradigm for human psychology that profoundly changed his life and explained the variation in performance he had both experienced and witnessed in his clients. Greg now shares this paradigm full time. 

Greg lives New Zealand at Waihi Beach in the Bay of Plenty with his wife Anna and their 3 boys. 

To find out more about Greg and what he offers, go to


-Creativity Conversations explores the nature of our infinite creative potential. You need to know this! You’re creative, too, even if you don't yet consider yourself to be. Creativity is as simple as being open and curious, creating interesting things, solving problems, finding solutions,  and being in "flow." It's essence is always and everywhere the same. 

- Nina Lockwood is a coach, author, speaker and artist helping people discover who they really are, what they genuinely want and how to bring it into their lives. 

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